Rock and Dirt Logo

Rock and Dirt recycling at our 4ha yard in Clarendon, NSW.

Mountains of recycled waste materials are ready for delivery. Our environmentally friendly practices are in strict accord with the EPA and council regulations.

An excavator aerates contaminated soil in the shadow of a processed mountain of rejuvenated topsoil.

Tipping of ENM waste destined for processing.

Pulverised waste leaves the crusher for screening and grading into distinct piles of useful product.

A hydraulic jack hammer breaks up large concrete footings for processing.

Mountains of processed product behind a pile of unprocessed rock and dirt waste.

At the fine end of our screening and grading we produce excellent revitalised product such as this turf underlay Soil Blend.

A front loader scoops up processed material after screening, for stockpiling in mountains of ready for sale product in our yard.

A view of our operation from on top of a soil heap.

Close-up of hydraulic jackhammer.

70mm aggregate piles up after screening.

An excavator works on a mountain of precrushed demolition waste.

Precrushed demolition waste is manually screened for steel, timber and other waste at the crusher hopper.