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Rock and Dirt are specialist in recycling building material waste, turning it into quality reusable building products.

Our recycling is done at our own 4 hectare purpose-built facility in Clarendon NSW where we run a recycling plant and equipment that processes and recycles demolition and construction waste.

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Rock and Dirt stands as a leading specialist in the recycling of building material waste, dedicated to transforming inbound waste into high-quality, reusable building products. Our recycling operations are conducted at our expansive, purpose-built 4-hectare facility in Clarendon, NSW, where we operate a state-of-the-art recycling plant and utilise cutting-edge equipment for the processing and repurposing of demolition and construction waste.

The range of materials we accept for recycling at our facility is extensive and includes brick, block, sandstone, asphalt, concrete, steel, aluminium, copper, timber, and soil. We not only accept waste for recycling but also offer these recycled products for sale, all from the convenience of our fully licensed and EPA-approved facility.

At Rock and Dirt, we take great pride in our commitment to our environmental responsibility. Our facility is designed to be ecologically sustainable, exemplified by our water conservation efforts, which involve utilising and reusing of water from the on-site holding dam.

Sustainable Recycling.

We play a vital role in the recycling process by receiving waste from sites across New South Wales. This waste is meticulously processed and transformed into various products, which we then make available to our clientele throughout the state. Every incoming load undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure that we receive the cleanest materials suitable for recycling.

Our dedication to quality control is unwavering. Final recycled products are subjected to thorough filtration and sorting procedures to uphold the highest standards of quality. To ensure precision in weights and invoices for both inbound and outbound products, we utilises our modern calibrated weighbridge.

Rock and Dirt proudly holds certification as Green Star compliant, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibilities. We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions in recycling building material waste while delivering premium-quality recycled building products to our clients across New South Wales.

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Do you accept utes & trailers to tip at your facility?

Yes we do accept utes & trailers at our facility.

Do you allow hand unloading?

Hand unloading is accepted given the correct personal protective equipment is worn. This includes High visibility clothing & safety footwear.

Are material inspections permitted at your facility?

We do indeed permit customers to come inspect the quality of material prior to purchasing.

Do you offer delivery of products?

We have a large fleet dedicated to providing delivery services. To arrange a delivery, please coordinate this with our weighbridge team. It’s important to note that orders for the following day need to be placed before 1pm.

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