Rock and Dirt Recycling have a 4ha yard located at 306 Racecourse Rd, Clarendon, NSW.


    Trucks tip off loads of masonry waste from sites across NSW for us to recycle into various products for resale. Each load is rigorously assessed to ensure we are getting the best and cleanest used materials to recycle.


    Once the loads have been checked and any small pieces of metal or plastic have been removed, the loader pushes the load up onto the pile of waste ready for recycling.


    Clean brick and concrete is loaded into the crusher by one of our excavators.


    Our new crusher is used to produce the recycled products that we resell.


    This crusher can produce up to four different products at one time. Each different product runs off a different belt into the designated bay areas.


    Final products are carefully filtered and sorted through to ensure that the highest quality control standards are maintained.


    Trucks are loaded on site with premium recycled products by one of our front end loaders.


    Excavators are used on site for relocating products and creating stockpiles as well as loading product into the crushers. Here we have an excavator moving a pile of sandstone closer to another excavator so they can load into the jaw crusher to produce our 75mm minus crushed sandstone.