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Our recycling facility Rock and Dirt is situated on a sprawling 4 hectare site in Clarendon New South Wales and operates with a meticulous and process-driven approach. Trucks arrive from various regions within NSW, each carrying a load of recyclable materials. Upon their arrival, every inbound truck is directed onto our weighbridge facility, where crucial data is recorded and essential checks take place. This key process involves identifying the materials, weighing them in, ensuring compliance with regulations, addressing safety measures, and providing the necessary briefings to the personnel involved.
Check & Inspect.
Once the initial checks are completed, our dedicated team rigorously inspects each load to ascertain that only the finest, cleanest and compliant recyclable materials are accepted into our facility. This quality control step ensures that the materials we receive meet our high standards for recycling. After the inspection, any small fragments of metal or plastic that may have slipped through are methodically removed. The cleaned inbound materials are then loaded into a crusher by one of our proficient excavator operators.
Move & Shake.
Excavators play a vital role on our site, not only for feeding materials into the crushers, but also for relocating products and creating stockpiles. These versatile machines are indispensable for the smooth operation of our recycling process. Our crushers, the workhorses of our facility, are instrumental in producing the recycled products that we later resell to the market. They can simultaneously produce up to four different products, with each product being directed onto a separate conveyor belt, leading to designated storage bays.
Crushed & Sorted.
The final products emerging from the crushers undergo a thorough inspection, filtration, and sorting process. This meticulous attention to detail is critical to ensuring that we maintain the highest quality control standards. Our commitment to quality extends from the initial material inspection to the final product, ensuring that our recycled products meet or exceed industry standards.
Load Up & Weight Out.
Once the recycling process is complete, trucks are loaded with premium recycled products by our proficient front-end loader operators. These loaded trucks are then processed, documented, and their weights are accurately recorded at our weighbridge facility. This comprehensive documentation helps us maintain transparency and accuracy throughout the entire recycling process, from inbound materials to outbound recycled products. Our process-driven approach guarantees that we consistently deliver high-quality recycled materials to the market, fostering a sustainable and environmentally responsible operation.

Our Weighbridge Facility.

Starts & Finishes at the Bridge.

At Rock and Dirt, we take pride in offering a state-of-the-art on-site weighbridge solution that cater specifically to the accurate weighing of incoming demolition waste materials and the weight of recycled materials and or vehicle as they depart from our plant. Our weighbridge is a pivotal component of our own operations, ensuring precision and compliance in our waste management and recycling processes.

Precision in Demolition Waste Measurement.

Our on-site weighbridge is custom-engineered for the precise measurement of inbound demolition waste materials, a critical aspect of our waste management process. This precision is indispensable for our pricing, invoicing, and compliance requirements.

Efficiency in Recycling.

Our on-site weighbridge is custom-engineered for the precise measurement of inbound demolition waste materials, a critical aspect of our waste management process. This precision is indispensable for our pricing, invoicing, and compliance requirements.

Operational Optimisation.

Our own on-site weighbridge empowers us to optimise our operations by delivering accurate and reliable weight measurements, reducing material wastage, and ensuring cost-effective planning and resource allocation.

Compliance & Safety.

Our on-site weighbridge ensures that our operations strictly comply with weight regulations and safety standards. Overloaded vehicles can have a detrimental impact on roads and safety. Precise vehicle weighing helps prevent overloading violations and ensures the safe transportation of waste and recycled materials.

Cost Savings.

The accuracy achieved by Rock and Dirt’s weighbridge allows us to precisely calculate fees for our waste management and recycling services, eliminating the risks of undercharging or overcharging.

Enhanced Productivity & Profitability.

Our on-site weighbridge is invaluable for many industries that recycle and manage their waste in an environmentally safe way. Accurate weighing of materials, waste, and recycled products enables us to measure productivity, monitor efficiency, and evaluate profitability, resulting in smart data-driven decision-making.

Calibration & Compliance.

To maintain our commitment to precision, our on-site weighbridge is regulalry calibrated, ensuring that it continues to meet the highest standards of accuracy.

Seamless Data Collection & Integration.

Our weighbridge is equipped with advanced automated data collection systems that streamline the weighing process. This ensures that the weight data can be easily integrated with other software and systems used in our operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


Rock and Dirt’s on-site weighbridge is a fundamental component of our waste management and recycling operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and cost savings. We own and operate ours on-site for the benefit of all our valued customers and partners.

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